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We headed up through New Mexico to Arizona where we visited Sedona and then toured the Grand Canyon.
While in Sedona, we tried out the biking trails and there was a short bit of single track at the end of the Bell Rock trail that got us excited for Moab.
Sit around the fire with us for a recap of the adventures before this…
There is amazing free camping only 10 mins from the Grand Canyon gates!
Now this is how to live the van life.

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Cee gets hooked on single track and dual suspension biking at Moab, Utah!


TITLE: Take The Chance
CC BY License 4.0

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This series is about our trip back to Vancouver, British Columbia 🇨🇦 in our Class B Dodge Ram Great West Van #schmoovan.

We hope you enjoy the highlights of our #vanlife adventures!
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We left Florida in late March of 2017 to work our way back to Canada. Here’s our Google Map marking our general (and sometimes specific) locations and remarks…