Cee makes tortillas out of hamburger buns and Gee creates taco mix out of leftover Yves taco ground round and veggies. This is #vanfood.


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~ Cee & Gee

In May of 2014 we ventured on a 22 hour journey from door to door to get from Newfoundland to Maui. It was well worth the cranky-making flights to get to the land of peace, sunshine, rainbows, and turtles.

We had been before back in 2012 so we had a few ideas of the new things we wanted to do in Maui. Gee wanted to bike down Haleakala and I wanted to do more relaxing and a little less “go-ing”. We both wanted to discover better food than our first trip – thanks to Yelp we found some amazing eats (tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos).

Other Maui activities we got up to included a Catamaran tour to snorkel at Molokini, a kayaking trip where we snorkelled with turtles, and as always, body boarding on the beach.

We had a few days to ourselves in Lahaina and then we joined the biddies in Kihei – my mom and 2 aunts, one from each side of the family. I’m not sure they want to be Internet famous so that footage is still in the can.

Oh Maui, we’ll be back one day.