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Nov 4, 2017 – On the Road South from Canada to Mexico

It’s been 1 year since we became nomads and we’re falling into a bit of a migration pattern. We seem to split our time between coastal British Columbia (where Christina’s family is located), Newfoundland (where Greg’s family is located), and traveling the rest of the year. We spent the end of summer to early fall in Newfoundland, which is a great time to be there. We flew out to Newfoundland in order to save some mileage on our #shmoovan, plus we didn’t want miss out on the precious summer days we had left in Newfoundland by driving across. In Newfoundland we stayed with family, friends, house-sitting for Greg’s Aunt Jean and Uncle Vance, as well as at our cabin in the woods.

We then flew back to Vancouver to prepare #shmoovan for a journey to Mexico for the winter. We’ll be spending time in the South Western US, again, as well as in Mexico. We plan on chasing the sun and great mountain bike trails. We’ll share our journey with you through this video blog.

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Click here to view a map of our trip plan from Canada to Mexico. 

The Map of #flightofthesnowbirds