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Ride along with Cee on some Green & Blue singletrack in Moab, Utah. She talks about her experience bike riding while pregnant. Watch to the end to see special moment where Cee discovers the sex of the baby and get a quick introduction to the newest Adventure Dork.

Ride Logs


Cee’s Review

👍👍 Great for beginners, children, and pregnant women. More advanced riders can spin fast to make it a fun, flowy ride.
Fun factor: Singletrack features at a green level (not just an access road)
Trail rating: Green and one blue
Ride again? Over and over again
Family friendy? Yes

CLIMB: 151 m / 495 feet

FEATURES: Desert riding with some slickrock


Klondike Bluffs Dino Tracks Trailhead: 38.81839, -109.7676

Next Up

Sampling more mtb trails while living the van life.

Where We Stayed

Willow Springs BLM: 38.69722, -109.69643

: #flightofthesnowbirds #vanlife

This is our journey in our Dodge Ram #Shmoovan to Mexico for the winter of 2018. We spent time in the Southwestern US, again, as well. Chasing sunshine and singletrack mountain bike trails.
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