Happy Holidays!

Filmed December, 2016
We want to wish you a happy holiday season and may peace be with you and your family in the New Year!

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~ Cee & Gee

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Hiking the East Coast Trail, Newfoundland

Filming Dates: Spring/Summer 2013 & 2014


We spent a lot of time hiking & camping the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland in 2013 and also 2014. This is an amazing trail system with spectacular views including wildlife sightings such as whales, sea birds, and moose. We would hike for hours and only see a few people even on the most gorgeous summer days. You really have to check it out if you’re into hiking or trekking. There are great camp spots already set up or just haul over and make your own – as long as you leave no trace.


The Big Blizzard of 2013, Newfoundland

Published Jan 11, 2013 

This was filmed before we had our brand, in case you were wondering about the different branding.

This storm dumped 80 cm of snow in one day. It took 5 hours for 5 of us to clear out the driveway and walkways.

It was the most snow I’ve ever seen at one time but it is fairly typical to get about 40 cm storms every winter in Newfoundland.

It’s fun once in awhile but gets to be old after several months 😉

Enjoy the show!