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About Us

Who We Are

Cee, Gee & August

We are mountain bikers, hikers, & general outdoorsy types.

We also love food, beer & wine.

We’re nomadic (whenever possible).

Before the global pandemic struck, we were splitting our time between British Columbia, Newfoundland, and somewhere much warmer in the winters.

We travel by planes, trains, boats, buses, bikes, and foot.

We have an RV that we dubbed “Trailer Swift”.

Before August was born, we did the #vanlife in our campervan called “Shmoo”.

Why So Dorky?

We’re not athletic, we’re not glamorous, we’re not models or actors… we’re just like you.

In a world full of perfect Instagram travel and adventure images, we are a reminder that real people can have fun too!

By calling ourselves “dorks” we add a little silliness to our image but most importantly, it means we never have to try hard to be cool.

We can just be ourselves.



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